Reminder: I don’t do paid posts

I’m still periodically getting emails from people asking me if I’ll run paid content for them. I got another one a couple days ago, and only just now got around to deleting it because I was too busy shoveling out from under the blizzard of computer problems I’ve been having the last few days. As […]

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Some additional Site Housekeeping

Another round of site housekeeping! This includes bringing over my Blog Post Series page from the old site, with a few refinements to account for content that’s been moved to instead.

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Some Site Housekeeping

I’m finally working a bit more on porting over remaining content from Here’s a post with some details about that.

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Primary content move complete

Updating of the site is complete! All main content has been copied over from my .com site, with some minor changes. See this post for details.

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Prettying up the place

I’m working on prettying up the place–not only because it needs to serve as my primary author site now, but also because fun things are afoot! Come by on 1/23 to find out more!

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Waking this site up some more

If you don’t live in the Seattle area, you may not know that we are due forĀ a major snowstorm this weekend. My power provider has warned on Twitter that there’s a decent chance of outages in its service area, which means there’s a decent chance that my house is going to lose power during this […]

Read More domain now active

Since is a cumbersome way to remember how to get to this site, I have bought and activated the shorter domain I’ve set up initial DNS for it, and am working on getting appropriate secondary DNS set up for it too–because right now the DNS for it is on my home server. And […]

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