Buying From Me

Do you want to buy books directly from me personally, as opposed to buying any of my works via a commercial site, such as Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, etc? If so, this page describes your options.

Everything here applies only to purchasing Faerie Blood or Bone Walker, my indie-published novels, as well as my indie short stories.

My Carina Press novels are, of course, sold by Carina Press. See the Valor of the HealerVengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk pages for how to get those books.

Current Availability, Prices, and Shipping Costs

Under normal circumstances, if I hand-sell a book, I ask $15. If I sell via a vendor, it’s $17, to account for that vendor getting a cut of the sale. If you buy via Square or Bandcamp, you can also use a credit card.

Please note that as of January 2020, I am sold out of print editions of both Faerie Blood and Bone Walker. This status will remain in effect until I do new print editions of both books. At that time, the $15/$17 price points will return. Watch this page for further updates on that.

Shipping charges apply in all cases unless I can hand-deliver you the book. Shipping costs as of April 2018 are as follows:

To US addresses: $3
To Canada: $6
To anywhere else in the world: $8

The tier of shipping costs is due to mailing books being progressively more expensive the farther away I need to mail them. In the US, I can use media mail rates.


This site’s local Store utilizes Paypal, so you can buy directly from me that way.

Non-vendor/hand-sell prices apply when ordering from me via Paypal. Shipping costs also still apply. Ebook prices will vary based on whether or not I’m having a sale; if in doubt, check the store to see what I’m currently asking for the ebooks.

If you don’t want to go through the Store UI for whatever reason, you can also just pay me directly via my link,


If you’d like to pay me directly but do not want to go through Paypal, I also have a Venmo account. Same pricing caveats apply here as with paying me via Paypal; non-vendor/hand-sell prices, shipping costs, and whatever current ebook prices are.

My Venmo ID is, as usual, annathepiper.


If you’re in the US, you can buy all of my indie works via my Square storefront. This is the storefront you’ll go to if you click on “Square Store” on the site menu, and it has both print and digital editions of all my indie releases, where applicable.

This is a good option for people who live in the US who might want to use a credit card. Square doesn’t handle shipping to non-US addresses, though. People outside the US can still also use the Square store to order any of my indie ebooks, since for those, shipping costs of course do not apply.

Tip Jar

On both the Paypal and Square stores, you will find a Tip Jar. This is for anyone who’s acquired any of my works for free (say, via promotion on KDP, or via Reader Sets Price on Smashwords), and who might want to pay me after the fact.

You can also use this mechanism if you feel moved to tip me in general! I will hardly object. 😉

(The Tip Jar is intended for one-time payments. Those who are interested in recurring payments to support my work are invited to check out my Patreon.)


Previously, when I still had print editions of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, you could buy these via the Crime and the Forces of Evil merch page. This will be reinstated once the books are back in print.

Before, this was the best option for people who don’t live in the US, and who might want to pay me by credit card. I’ll be making the new editions available on Amazon as well, but this option will remain for people who might not want to purchase via Amazon.

Hand-Delivering Books

If I can hand-deliver a book to you, the non-vendor price applies, and shipping costs are of course waived. This will apply if you live local to me, and I can bring you the book in person. Or, if you’re attending an event I’ll be at–such as any SF convention where I’m selling books, or concerts by my favorite musicians, either in Seattle or BC.

At any convention where I’m selling books, I’ll be able to take payments via debit or credit card on my Square.

What Ebook Formats I Can Send You

Faerie BloodBone Walker, and my short stories are all available in EPUB and MOBI formats.

If you prefer to read your ebooks in PDF format, Faerie Blood and Bone Walker both have high-quality PDFs available. Buying from me is the only way to get these PDFs.

When buying ebooks from my Square store, you should be given the option to specify what format you want.

When buying books from the Paypal store, you will not have specific UI to let you select a format, but you should be able to use Paypal’s flow to send me a note. Or, you can contact me via other methods to let me know what format you prefer when you make the purchase.

Other Ways to Pay Me

You have a few other options for how to pay me, as follows:

Bookstore Credit

I will accept credit equivalent to the price of your desired book at any store where I can buy ebooks or digital music! This includes, in order of my preference:

  • Kobo
  • iTunes (either US or CA, I have accounts at both)
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Amazon
  • And if you happen to be in Quebec, either Archambault OR Renaud-Bray, since I have accounts at both stores and am HIGHLY interested in acquiring SF/F in French 😀

Other methods

If you are local to me, you may pay me by cash or a check.

If you are NOT local to me, you may mail me a check or a money order.

Canadians may pay me via Interac since I have an account with a Canadian bank. Contact me directly for details on how to go about doing that.

Any Questions?

Talk to me on my Contact form or on any of the social networks I’m on, or shoot me an email!