Fourth snowstorm and second power outage, yay!

Those of you who aren’t local to the Seattle area may have seen in the news that we’ve been walloped by four, count ‘em, four different snowstorms in the last couple of weeks. This was a big motivator for me finally getting a domain properly pointing at this blog, so that I could have something […]

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Waking this site up some more

If you don’t live in the Seattle area, you may not know that we are due for a major snowstorm this weekend. My power provider has warned on Twitter that there’s a decent chance of outages in its service area, which means there’s a decent chance that my house is going to lose power during this […]

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Device review: Kindle Oasis

For the longest time, I’ve been reading ebooks on my last purchased Nook, a Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet, with a side helping of periodically reading on my iPad or iPhone. But this has been bugging me for a while, for a few reasons. The problems One: I’m getting older, and my eyes are getting weaker. […]

Read More domain now active

Since is a cumbersome way to remember how to get to this site, I have bought and activated the shorter domain I’ve set up initial DNS for it, and am working on getting appropriate secondary DNS set up for it too–because right now the DNS for it is on my home server. And […]

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Norwescon 2017 Faerie Blood and Bone Walker sale!

Faerie Blood

Norwescon 2017 is almost upon us, and accordingly, it’s time for me to put Faerie Blood and Bone Walker‘s ebooks back on sale for 99 cents each! And, since there’s a High Wind Watch in effect for Seattle tomorrow, the sale announcement post gets to live on The 99 cent price point is in […]

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Storm conditions and power outage

All, Due to current storm conditions in the Puget Sound metro area, my house has lost power. My main website at is therefore down. ETA on our outage repair is 4:30pm according to the Puget Sound Energy outage map. But given ongoing blustery conditions, and also given that we have a worse storm coming […]

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In honor of VCON, new Faerie Blood and Bone Walker sale!

Bone Walker

It’s almost time for Dara and me to go up to VCON in Canada, and as I do like to do every time I go to a convention, I’m putting Faerie Blood and Bone Walker back on sale for 99 cents each! This price point is now in effect, or shortly will be as soon […]

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Testing, testing, testing, is this thing on?

I know I said I wasn’t going to blog much here, and that’s still true. But I’m investigating what functionality provides for its users, and one of the things they have available is the ability to crosspost out to various social networks. Including Tumblr and Google+, which is functionality I don’t currently have on […]

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Hello, readers!

If you don’t know me already, hi, I’m Angela Korra’ti, a.k.a. Angela Highland, a.k.a. Anna the Piper. I’m a writer and an amateur musician, and I normally live at, my official site. This site,, is my new backup site. I’ve set this up because I host on my home web server, which […]

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