Anna With Guitar

Hi, I’m Angela Highland, a.k.a. Angela Korra’ti, a.k.a. Anna the Piper. I’m an author, a software geek, and an amateur musician!

Like quite a few authors these days, I write under two different names. Think of them, if you will, as versions of me from alternate dimensions. Or for the Whovians among you, different regenerations that happen to be currently visiting the same point in time!

Angela Highland is the name under which I commercially publish. So far, the works associated with that name include the three books of the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy, Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk. You can expect an Angela Highland title to be SF/F with strong romantic elements.

Angela Korra’ti is the name I use for my self-published works, currently including Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, as well as the rest of the works I hope to publish set in the Warder universe. Music, magic, and computer geekery are what you can expect from the Warder universe books–lighter-hearted urban fantasy than much of the norm.

Anna the Piper is my online nickname, and what I use for a handle pretty much everywhere on the net.

Frequently Asked Questions

What have you written?

To date I have released five novels. As Angela Highland, I have released the Rebels of Adalonia high fantasy trilogy with Carina Press, which includes Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk. As Angela Korra’ti, I have released Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, the first two books of the Free Court of Seattle urban fantasy series. Along with the novels, I have a few short stories available as well.

What genres do you write in?

Faerie Blood and Bone Walker are urban fantasy, and other works set in the same universe will generally be in the same genre. The Rebels of Adalonia trilogy is high fantasy, though with a more post-medieval feel to it than many high fantasy novels have historically had. Don’t think sword and sorcery; think muskets and magic.

I’ve got other works in progress that will fall in urban fantasy, fantasy, and SF, respectively. But in general you can expect me to write things that have SF/F as the predominant element, but with a prominent love story as well. So I have a foot in SF/F and a foot in romance–i.e., what often gets called ‘SF/F with romantic elements’. You can’t quite call me full-on science fiction romance, on the grounds that what love stories I write are usually not so prominent to the plots that the stories can’t exist without them. I don’t place as much emphasis on the romance as an outright romance novel would. So “SF/F with romantic elements” fits me better.

Tell me about those other works in progress?

You can read up about those on the Works In Progress page.

What authors would you compare yourself to?

If you like any of these authors, you might like my stuff too:

  • Doranna Durgin, if you’ve read her fantasy work from before she started writing paranormal romance
  • Patricia Briggs, if you’ve read any of her fantasy work from before she started writing urban fantasy
  • Early Esther Friesner
  • Tanya Huff
  • C.E. Murphy
  • Seanan McGuire (specifically her Toby Daye books, not the Mira Grant ones)
  • C.L. Polk
  • Alison Sinclair

Where can I buy your work?

Faerie Blood, Bone Walker, and my short stories “The Blood of the Land” and “The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen” are available in ebook format for the Kindle, the Nook, the Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play, and Smashwords. A complete list of places you can buy each of these books is available on the individual pages for those titles.

Valor of the Healer

Valor of the Healer is available in digital and audio format. It’s available directly from Harlequin (Carina Press’s parent company) and all major ebook vendors, and the audiobook is available from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. All the places you can buy this book are on its official page.

Vengeance of the Hunter and Victory of the Hawk are available only in digital format at this time. Like Valor, both of these books are available directly from Harlequin and all major ebook vendors. All pertinent buy links are on the pages for those titles.

All titles I self-publish are additionally sold via my Store page here on this site, and via my Square store as well.

Is there a specific best place I should buy your work?

I get slightly higher royalties if people buy the Rebels of Adalonia books directly from Harlequin. And certainly if you buy a book of mine from Amazon, that’ll bump my rankings up there, but that’s also true of any ebook vendor. However, I encourage any potential readers to go ahead and buy the Rebels books via whatever channel you feel is appropriate. If you’re a Kindle user, go right ahead and buy them from Amazon. If you’re a Nook owner, from Barnes and Noble. Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play–the same.

For my indie-published work, the very best way to make sure I get the most money is to just buy books from me directly–either via my Store page here on this site, or via my Square store.

In the case of Square, Square will still get a cut of the transaction, but it comes out slightly better than the cuts the ebook vendors take of transactions on those sites. But again, I encourage you to buy from wherever is most convenient for you. I make a point of deploying my indie titles out to a variety of platforms specifically so readers have a choice about where to buy them.

Trust me, I’ll be delighted that you buy them at all! As long as you buy them and enjoy the reads, that’s the important thing to me.

Is it possible to give your books as gifts?


When the print books are available again, if you order them from me via my Square store, you can add an additional note to me if you want to purchase them as gifts, in case you want me to sign them for the recipient, or for me to send them somewhere besides your own address.

For the Rebels of Adalonia ebooks, if you buy those books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Apple Books, those vendors have the ability to give ebooks as gifts.

For the Free Court books, if you buy them directly from me, you are more than welcome to use the files you’ll receive from me as gifts. One recipient per purchased copy, please! But if you do buy a book for a friend or loved one, you are welcome to ask for multiple formats of the same book for a single recipient. For example, the EPUB, PDF, and MOBI of Faerie Blood would all count as a single purchase.

As with the Rebels books, you can also give the Free Court books as gifts on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books. And, since the Free Court books are available on Smashwords, you can buy them as gifts there as well.

Are any of your books in print?

Not at the immediate moment. I am working on new print editions of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, since I lost my prior print provider and need to transition to using Amazon’s print capabilities instead. If you’re interested in getting a print edition of either of these books, I encourage you to follow me on Twitter or join my mailing list for updates.

Victory of the Hawk

Are there print editions of your Carina books?

No. Carina is a digital-first imprint, and while a small number of Carina titles are available via Amazon in print format, those are Carina’s best-selling titles. If you’d like to see the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy in print, the best thing you can do is to buy the ebooks, either for yourself or for friends, and to tell others to do the same!

Are there translated editions of your works?

No. Carina is in charge of dictating whether the Rebels of Adalonia books get translated into any market, and thus far, they have not elected to pursue that. If you’re interested in seeing any of those titles get translated, the best thing you can do is buy the books, for yourself or for others. Or tell others about them!

Faerie Blood and Bone Walker and related works, since those are entirely under my control, could possibly be translated at some point. Faerie Blood does occasionally make sales on Amazon DE, and since I’m interested in both German and French, I’d be open to translating those works. However, it’d cost money since I’d want to pay for professional translations. If any readers out there would be interested in seeing this happen, let me know, and I’ll look into it further.

Is your name really Angela Korra’ti?


What kind of name is that?

“Difficult to pronounce.” —my wife, Dara

No, really, what kind of name is that?

Here’s the thing: I was born “Angela Highland”. I still answer to “Angie” for the sake of my relatives and oldest friends. I also use “Angela” to sign my checks, and that’s usually what people call me at my day job.

I get “Korra’ti” from my aforementioned partner. I took her last name as mine when we married, so that there would be two of us in the world. It’s pronounced “kor-uh-TEE”, accent on the third syllable, roll the R’s. Mostly, though, I answer to “Anna”. It’s easier to pronounce and easier to type.

Cool, what nationality is “Korra’ti”?

Short form: We don’t know.

Slightly longer form: my partner doesn’t know who her parents were and therefore doesn’t know the origins of her name. Our best guesses so far have been “Finnish”, since we’ve found references to versions of the name in Finnish on Google; “Croatian”, from a linguist at the University of Kentucky; and “Hungarian”, from a pizza delivery guy. The latter of which might strike one as an odd source for linguistic information, but he said he was Hungarian and knew Korra’tis in Hungary, so. Some variety of the name does therefore seem to be out there.

Why do you use a pen name?

Angela Korra’ti is my actual real-life name. But truth be told, it’s a tough name to spell. Dara and I have had issues with this all our lives, and people who have known us for many years still have trouble remembering how to spell the name sometimes. When I got the offer from Carina for the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy, Carina’s senior editor, my agent, and I all agreed that it would be in my best interests to use a more user-friendly name.

Angela Highland, as my original name, is easy for me to think of as ‘mine’. Plus, it’s a shout-out to my family.

So why do you use both names on your work?

It’s a handy way to differentiate between what work I sell commercially, and what I publish on my own. If it’s got Highland on the cover, it’s something I’ve sold to a publisher. If it’s got Korra’ti on it, it’s mine.

Why are you Anna the Piper?

While Angela is my first name, Anna is a nickname that comes from my middle name. Many people who know me in real life call me Anna, and I usually always go by that unless I’m being formal or if I’m in a day job context.

The Piper part sometimes confuses people, because they expect me to be a bagpipe player. I’m not. I’m a flute and piccolo player (with a side helping of guitar, fiddle, bouzouki and mandolin as well)! But my friend Kathryn dubbed me ‘Anna the Piper’, and I felt that had quite a bit more rhythm to it than ‘Anna the Flautist’, never mind ‘Anna the Piccolo Player’.

And so my long-term online nickname was born. I use it a lot whenever I’m posting somewhere in a fandom context. And I often refer to myself as Anna in my own posts!

What should I call you?

Please feel free to call me Anna! But I’ll also happily answer to Angela, or Angie, or Ang–all of which are names I’ve been called by family members or coworkers. I’m relaxed and groovy about it, and as long as it’s clear you’re talking to me, please be relaxed and groovy about it too.

So why did you change sites?

Up until 2020 angelahighland.com served as my primary author site. However, angelahighland.com is hosted on our home web server, and in late 2019 the server became unstable after an update of its operating system. We’re investigating the root cause of this, but it also means that that site is periodically unavailable. Which is not terribly useful when I need it to promote my work!

Plus, our local power company has a very bad track record with frequent power outages. And this has hurt me multiple times when I’ve tried to run ad campaigns for sales for my ebooks. It’s very difficult to run ads when the pages you’re trying to encourage readers to visit are down because the power went out at your house.

Thus, I opened up this new site. Until further notice, it will be the primary place to look for information about me and my work.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about me, please feel free to ask!