Still alive, but my main computer not so much

Carina Nebula

I’ve just put up a long and technogeek-ish post on my, lamenting the current Time Machine backup woes I’m having on my main computer. Which, for the record, is the one I write on.

Go over here if you’d like to see my lengthy saga about all the ways Time Machine is being stupid on my system!

(EDITING TO ADD: Oops, I linked to the wrong thing originally. I just edited the link to post to the correct post. That said, the 2020 one, this one, is also relevant just because in that one I went into detail as to the challenges I had doing a clean install of Catalina. So I’ll keep a link to that too!)

Meanwhile, I’m working on recovering data off that machine (most critically, my writing data!), and seeing what I can do about setting up alternatives to all my main programs on my backup computer.

For the interested, the backup computer is the one I used to use as my work machine on my previous day job. It dual-boots between Linux and Windows, and generally is better-behaved on the Linux side.

Problem is, I do my primary writing in Scrivener, and Scrivener doesn’t run on Linux.

However, my Scrivener projects all back up to my Dropbox. And I do have Scrivener on my iPad. In a pinch, I can write on that. But I will also be exploring installing Scrivener on the Win10 partition on the secondary computer.


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