How to buy and read my books, revisited

This morning I was asked by a potential new reader about how to go about acquiring and reading my work. Given that my titles are all on sale prices right now, I thought it’d be a good time to review options for how to read me!

First and foremost, in case it’s not currently clear: right now you can only read me in ebook form. I’m working on returning Faerie Blood and Bone Walker to print, but right now that’s still not an option. So this post is going to focus only on how to get my ebooks.

There are three main ways I can answer this question, and those are:

  1. You’re already an ebook reader
  2. You’re not an ebook reader yet, and you’re thinking about buying an ereader
  3. You’re not an ebook reader yet, and you’re planning on reading on your phone or tablet

If you’re already an ebook reader

If you already read ebooks, then you’ve no doubt already got a preferred way of buying them. You should ideally already be able to find my work on your preferred platform. If you can’t, please let me know!

And remember to search for me both by Angela Korra’ti and Angela Highland, or else by my specific book titles.

If you’re thinking of buying an ereader

If you want to buy an ereader this may figure in to how you read my work. You should decide what kind of ereader you’d like to get, and find out what store you’d need to buy ebooks from to put on it.

A Kindle is a big obvious choice, but it’s not the only type of ereader available. Kobo has several devices available if you don’t want to give any money to Amazon. And while I don’t have any direct experience with them, I know Tolino sells ereaders in European markets.

If you’re thinking of reading on a phone or tablet

Both Android and iOS have multiple apps available you can install to read ebooks. So in this scenario, again, I’d recommend you think about whose store you’re most willing to buy from.

If you’re an Android user your best option may be Google Play, just in terms of ease of use. But Amazon, Kobo, and Nook all have Android-based apps, so those are options as well.

If you’re an Apple user, you also have Apple Books available as an option, and my self-published titles are definitely available there. My Rebels of Adalonia books are available on Apple Books on some markets, but depending on where in the world you are, this may or may not be the best option for you. So be sure and doublecheck.

On iOS and iPadOS, like Android, you will also have apps available for all the major ebook sellers that would let you download purchases directly onto your device. So the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo apps would all be options.

Other options

If you have enough technical comfort with doing so, you can sideload content onto a device. If you’re not already familiar with sideloading, that essentially means, putting content onto a device that isn’t necessarily sold directly by the maker of the device.

For example, I own a Kindle Oasis, but I purchase most of my ebooks via Kobo. Which means I have to sideload those files onto the Kindle. I use Calibre to do this, which I heartily recommend as a way to manage an ebook library.

Calibre can also be used to deploy content to phones and tablets as well via an app called Calibre Companion. This would let you have a way to put content onto your phone or tablet, while keeping the master copy on your computer.

All of my titles should be available without DRM, which means you could actually buy them from whatever store you like, and put them onto whatever device you like.

(Any titles sold with DRM are more challenging to do in sideloading, though this is also possible. However, for purposes of my work, you shouldn’t have to worry about DRM.)

Any questions?

If you have any questions about any of this, or would like me to go into more detail on any part of it, let me know!

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