Fall 2020 Sale on all titles

Greetings all! I’ve had a little additional site traffic lately, so if you’re coming by maybe because you saw Faerie Blood on sale for 99 cents on Amazon, hi there and welcome.

As a general note right now all of my titles are available for 99 cents, both the ones I self-pub as Angela Korra’ti and the ones I have with Carina Press as Angela Highland. These include:

The Free Court of Seattle:

The Rebels of Adalonia:

And my two available short stories:

  • “The Blood of the Land”, set in the Free Court universe
  • “The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen”, set in the Rebels universe

Please visit the various links for all of the appropriate places you can go to buy any of these titles in ebook form, and thank you in advance if you choose to make any purchases! I hope you enjoy your reading.

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Author of the Free Court of Seattle series as Angela Korra'ti, and of the Rebels of Adalonia series as Angela Highland. Geek, fangirl, musician, and raving admirer of Newfoundland and Quebecois traditional music. Also a.k.a. Anna the Piper!