Some additional Site Housekeeping

I’m continuing the slow migration of content over here from, and tonight’s efforts get you all the Blog Post Series page, now active underneath the Blog menu along the site menu bar.

This page is mostly a direct port from, but with some changes. Some of the content it describes has been moved off to instead, but the rest has been ported into this site. Notably, the Advice on Self-Publishing category of posts, and the Ebooks and Ereaders category, which includes the posts tagged “how to read ebooks“.

More redirects are set up now to send traffic pertaining to these general things from to here. In particular, the post I wrote some time ago about how to sideload a MOBI file onto an Android device still gets a lot of hits! So if anybody lands on this site because of that post, hiya, welcome, hope that info was useful and that you’ll consider checking out my books.

Still more content porting is on the way. Watch this space for further details!

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