Some Site Housekeeping

One at least somewhat beneficial side effect of the ongoing covid-19 quarantine status: I’m finally taking the trouble to more officially shut down and redirect traffic here.

From a technical perspective, since I own the server that sits on, it means I need to set up a bunch of redirects so that people’s web browsers know that if they hit page A on, they’re automatically brought to the same page A here on

In some cases it’s a bit more complex than that as well, given that I rearranged some page structures when I set this site up! So I can’t just universally set up a single redirect to throw all the traffic here.

Also, certain things I had on will be moving off to my personal site instead: mostly, the music-related and fannish-related things. For example, the Trilingual Hobbit Reread. I’m setting up appropriate redirects for that stuff, too.

I changed the homepage on as well to explicitly ask people to come over here. So if you found this post as a result of that, hi!

All of which adds up to, y’all may notice some new pages popping into being here as I finally port a few remaining pages over. I’ve got some evaluation I need to do of abandoned blog post series I need to wake up again here as well. Stand by for more on that!

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