And in between doing the writing

My earlier post this month talked about finally writing again, and I am pleased to report that that’s continuing.

In between working on the dwarf story (which is now close to 10K in word count, but which still does not have a title), I’ve been working on trying to solve some computer problems today. I’ve posted about those in depth on my other blog, Here are links to those posts if you’d like to see them:

Solving some computer issues

Solving more computer issues, RSS Client edition

And since I opened up this very site because of ongoing issues with power outages at my house, which interfered with my ability to keep up and running on a regular basis, here’s another post I just put up about our latest power outage:

In other news: power outage shenanigans

More soon about writing efforts. If I make it to the end of June with the 200 words a day experiment, I’ll be doing a stab at this year’s Camp Nanowrimo, to see if I can maintain momentum on the story!

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