Primary content move complete

As of this post, I have concluded copying over all the content I consider primary from to this site, as well as updating the overall look and functionality of the site. Where relevant, I’ve also updated certain pieces of information. Here’s an overview of all the changes I’ve implemented!

Site content

Almost all of the pages from the .com site are now here. I’ve preserved almost all the same page titles and mostly the same page structure, but not entirely.

Of most note is that I’ve simplified the Books menu. There’s a primary Books page still, but all of the titles are now a single item beneath that. Previously, I’d had the Rebels books under a sub-page, which added a level to that menu.

I’ve also moved the Extras page off of the Books menu over to its own main menu item.

The About page combines not only a few basic bio notes about me, but also what was previously the standalone FAQ on

Underneath the About menu you’ll find a Policies page. This contains a few items I’d previously had on my FAQ, but which I wanted to give greater visibility. Namely, my standard policy on the question of “will you run an ad /sponsored post for me on your site?” (Spoiler alert: no.)

I’ve also added a few remarks to the Policies page about my personal reviewing policy, both in regards to my own work and the work of others. And my commenting policy for this site is now there as well (tl;dr version: if you want to comment on my site, please don’t be toxic, and I reserve the right to moderate, edit, or delete comments here).

I’ve already posted about adding a Paypal-based store to this site. See that post for details. The main Store item on the menu now goes to that page, and the link to my Square store is a sub-link underneath that menu.

General information updates

On the pages where this gets mentioned, I’ve noted that for the time being, I have no print editions of Faerie Blood and Bone Walker. I’m still working on fixing this. Watch this site, my Twitter account, or my mailing list for updates on when this changes.

Blog posts from

Y’all may notice I have not ported over posts from to here. I’m not going to, as that’s more trouble than it’s worth. The current plan is that I’m going to archive those posts on, and just start fresh with what posts go up here.

Moving forward, most posts I do of a more personal nature are likely to remain on as well, while posts here will remain focused on my work and on the functioning of this site.

I do however have a widget with the latest posts from in the sidebar of most of the site pages. So if my geeking out about Quebecois music, learning French, learning the fiddle, or working on my coding skills as an SDET sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to follow that site if you’re not already! (Or follow my Dreamwidth account, also annathepiper, which picks up posts from

Any questions? Talk to me in the comments!

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