Prettying up the place

I’ve got an exciting thing in the works that I hope to be announcing this coming Thursday, January 23rd–which happens to be my very own birthday. 😀 For now, I’m going to just say that I’ve got a new and very important reason to pretty up this site, above and beyond my earlier report about our home web server becoming unstable.

So I’m actively working on making this site nicer. Its previous purpose as “backup minimal textual site in case the power goes out at my house” is no longer sufficient. You all should see changes in progress, not only on the homepage, but on the various pages for my books as well.

The overall look of the place will be closer to what I have set up on, and I’ll be moving some of the secondary pages over from there as well. Be on the lookout for those to show up in the site menus.

As part of this work, I can also report I’ve been experimenting with the block editor on When they first deployed that thing, I was very much not a fan. But I’ve gotta say, it’s been very nice using it deploying changes to the site pages here. It’s made it easier to deliver a consistent look to things, and I also like that it’s let me add some call to action buttons on the book pages without much effort at all!

On, I’d implemented that only with the help of WordPress plugins that let me use Bootstrap controls–for those of you who know what Bootstrap is from web development. The buttons here aren’t quite as fancy, as WordPress’s block editor doesn’t give me the ability to do dropdown menus. They do, however, still look nice.

Any questions, let me know. And come back on Thursday to see what I announce then!

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