Ongoing server stability issues at AND incoming snow event

Hey all, for those of you who may not know, my primary site is hosted on the web server my wife and I run as part of our site. Usually, aside from the periodic issues we have with power outages, our home network is pretty stable. Which means is generally reachable.

Except lately.

As of when we updated our servers to Debian 10, we’ve been having ongoing issues with Apache crashing. Sometimes–but not always!–this happens as part of the 12am midnight log rotation. But I’ve also seen this behavior during the day. And I am at a loss as to what exactly to do about it.

Until we can figure this out and solve the problem, I will be encouraging people to come to this site for information about my books.

Moreover, we have one minor and possibly one major incoming snow event in the Seattle area this coming week. Potential for power outages and/or Internet connectivity outages is strong. All the more reason to use this site as the source of data for me and my work.

Watch this space for further updates, both about the web server issues and the weather!

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