Rebels of Adalonia 99 cent sale

Valor of the Healer

In between all this excitement in the Seattle area about the snowiest February we’ve had in 50 years (!!!), it came to my attention that Harlequin had placed my three Rebels of Adalonia books on sale for 99 cents each!

So right now, you can get Valor of the Healer, Vengeance of the Hunter, and Victory of the Hawk, a complete story in a trilogy, for less than the price of a single paperback. If fantasy with a heaping helping of political and religious intrigue sounds good to you, I invite you to check out the official pages on this site for Valor, Vengeance, and Victory, where you can find all the official places where you can buy the books.

They’re available on all major ebook portals, as well as directly from Harlequin up on One place is as good as another for me as to where’s best to buy them, so do please feel free to purchase from your favorite ebook site if you’d like to check the books out!

But do it soon, as the duration of this sale is out of my control and I will not be told when it ends. So leap on it while the leaping is good. And if you’re so inclined, and if you know someone who might like the books that doesn’t have them already, do please spread the word!

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