Fourth snowstorm and second power outage, yay!

Those of you who aren’t local to the Seattle area may have seen in the news that we’ve been walloped by four, count ‘em, four different snowstorms in the last couple of weeks. This was a big motivator for me finally getting a domain properly pointing at this blog, so that I could have something available for regular access in case of yet another power outage at my house. (This is a price I pay for hosting my main blogs on my own web servers!)

So if you’re reading this on any of my social media accounts, hi, this is me checking in over my iPad, which still has Internet access since it’s a cellular device.

If you’re reading this from LinkedIn in particular, and you’re a recruiter who might want to chat with me about potential work, please be advised I may be delayed in getting back to you until the weather returns to normal.

More bulletins as events warrant!

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