Waking this site up some more

If you don’t live in the Seattle area, you may not know that we are due for a major snowstorm this weekend. My power provider has warned on Twitter that there’s a decent chance of outages in its service area, which means there’s a decent chance that my house is going to lose power during this weather event.

What does this mean for this site?

Well, I’d already been thinking for a while that I wanted to officially attach the domain angelahighland.info to it. As of today, I have begun that work. I’ve purchased a premium plan through WordPress.com that’ll allow me to map the domain to this site, so that angelahighland.info can be its official URL, and not just a redirect I’m using on my own servers to send people here.

(The redirect works fine if my servers are up. But if the power goes down–like, say, during the snowstorm we’re about to have–then that redirect goes out too!)

Once the domain change finishes processing, you should be able to get here with the domain name angelahighland.info from anywhere on the net. And this site should remain up and stable, even when my home servers go down.

And while I’m on the topic of rearranging things around here, I’ve also gotten a nicer theme AND done a bit of updating on the various pages. In particular, I note that Carina Press, my publisher for the Rebels of Adalonia books, no longer sells ebooks directly on its own site. I’ve changed the relevant links to point at Carina’s parent company of Harlequin instead.

Also, all references to iBooks have been updated to Apple Books to reflect Apple’s change in branding.

Any questions, drop a comment!

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