domain now active

Since is a cumbersome way to remember how to get to this site, I have bought and activated the shorter domain I’ve set up initial DNS for it, and am working on getting appropriate secondary DNS set up for it too–because right now the DNS for it is on my home server.

And given that this site’s entire raison d’être is to be a backup site for my writing when power outages take out (as they do), I do need to make sure the secondary DNS can still get here even if the primary is down.

But regardless, the domain is now propagating across the net. If you happen to have this site’s location bookmarked for reference, please feel free to adjust your bookmark to point to the shorter domain!

I have changed the main site title to refer to it, although the site will not otherwise change functionality. will function strictly as a redirect for now. So if you hit that site, it will bring you here, and you’ll still see in your browser’s address bar.

I’m doing it this way because just buying a domain and setting up the redirect is cheaper than paying for premium access and letting them map the domain onto this site directly. (I may eventually change my mind, though, if a compelling enough reason arises to do so.)

Any questions, let me know!

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