Norwescon 2017 Faerie Blood and Bone Walker sale!

Faerie Blood

Norwescon 2017 is almost upon us, and accordingly, it’s time for me to put Faerie Blood and Bone Walker‘s ebooks back on sale for 99 cents each! And, since there’s a High Wind Watch in effect for Seattle tomorrow, the sale announcement post gets to live on

The 99 cent price point is in effect until 4/30/2017. Y’all get extra time this time around because of not only the convention, but also because I have surgery coming up, and do not want to care about shutting down the sale while that’s going on!

As always, the sale price is in effect for all vendors where these books are sold, as well as my Square store and buying directly from me. Spread the word as you are so inclined, y’all!

And as always, pertinent links where you may both preview and buy the books are on their official pages, here and here.

Questions? Comments? Let me know!

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