Storm conditions and power outage


Due to current storm conditions in the Puget Sound metro area, my house has lost power. My main website at is therefore down.

ETA on our outage repair is 4:30pm according to the Puget Sound Energy outage map. But given ongoing blustery conditions, and also given that we have a worse storm coming in tomorrow, chances are very high we will be down overnight.

To any readers and friends who also live in the area, if you are in PSE’s coverage area, whether or not your power is currently out, I strongly and I do mean STRONGLY advise you to unplug any important electronics. Our house lines are getting low voltage power fluctuations–and that has ‘fried electronics’ written all over it.

Meanwhile, this kind of situation is exactly why I have the backup site now. So in case you need to look up anything about my books, please keep the link handy! I will post here and on social media when our power is back and the weather has stabilized. To all my fellow Cascadians in the area, stay safe and stay dry!

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